Points, Price, Promotions? How Guests Select Hotels Around the World.


by Jonathan Barsky, Hotel Business Review

The purpose of a recent Market Metrix global hotel study was to analyze the reasons why guests select a particular hotel or casino. The results offer insight into the current behavior of guests around the globe and market opportunities for companies who have a deeper understanding of guest preferences and decision making.

This study is based on results from the Global Market Metrix Hospitality Index (MMHI), and includes surveys responses from 40,000 American, European, and Asian travelers during 2012. We focused on several questions that ask guests why they selected a particular hotel or casino on their most recent visit (refer to insert for more information about the MMHI).

The results reveal that guest priorities vary widely by region, country and culture. For example, in the US, “price” trumps “location” for economy travelers. In Asia, “Recommendation by friend” is three times more important than in the US. For German travelers, online reviews are nearly 10 times more important when choosing a hotel in Asia compared to picking a hotel in the US. Knowing why guests select your hotel or casino is fundamental to your business.


Points, Price, Promotions? How Guests Select Hotels Around the World.

Quelle: Hotel Business Review

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