Branchen-News vom 05.03.2013

How and its ad campaign may change your lodging options

Priceline’s has mostly held back on TV advertising in the U.S. until right friggin’ — or as the commercial says — “until right booking now.”, with its industry-largest collection of more than 275,000 traditional hotels, apartment hotels and hostels in its portfolio, is in the “early days” of its first offline marketing campaign in the U.S., and it will be spread out over several quarters and include TV and cinema, Priceline CEO Jeffery Boyd said today. has offered hotels in the U.S. for European travelers for several years, and last month began the advertising campaign in the U.S.

The advertising onslaught — with the dollar size of the campaign not revealed — coincides with slight changes in’s email marketing in the U.S., as well, where it is now touting the fact that it offers 302 places to stay in New York — “more than just hotels.”

The more than just hotels component includes displays of “hostels, apartments and aparthotels” in New York and “hotels, ryokans, resorts and aparthotels” in Atlantic City, for example, states....

How and its ad campaign may change your lodging options


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